Photography 101: Architecture

Day 12:  Today’s assignment is about finding interesting architecture to display in a monochrome or black and white photo.  I went to a downtown area of a small town to capture these photos.

decorative roof gable trim on shingled roof with bare tree branches in background

Scroll over the rest of the images to see more info:

Here is an example of more of my experimentation with focus and camera settings:

One building had detailed metal columns.  This is the least rusty one:

Near the end of my photography walk, I discovered what I’ve dubbed “architectural remnants.”  A detailed tile floor remains, but the walls are long gone:


7 thoughts on “Photography 101: Architecture

    • While writing the post, I clicked on “Add Media” and then “Create Gallery.” After selecting photos from my media library and writing words in the caption box for each photo, I set the photos to medium size and chose a gallery setting that displayed them as a “Tiled Mosaic.” The “Square Tiles” gallery setting does the same thing, except it will crop your photos into a square.

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  1. I really like the “metal wall detail,” and the crumbling facade on the old brick building. These shots remind me of my hometown, it was mainly built around a mining boom about 120 years ago, and nearly all the buildings uptown are brick. Unfortunately, it’s all falling into disrepair. So many beautiful buildings, becoming junk. Great photo ops though! 🙂

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    • Thanks! I thought those metal pillars were nice, too. That was the least rusted one I could find to photograph. There was quite a pile of bricks beneath the other wall you mentioned! They are old, clay bricks that were handmade around 1900-1905, so I was told.


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