Photography 101: A Pop of Color

Day 11:  Today, the Photo 101 participants were guided to focus on the effect of color in an image.  We were encouraged to display a bold (or even a pastel) color against a bland background.

I saw a very bland background as soon as I looked out the window this morning.  The world was blanketed in fog.  The plastic birdhouses I recently made were definitely a strong “pop of color” against the haze.

dewdrops and spiderwebs on a tree branch in front of a red birdhouse

The dewdrops and spiderwebs were interesting against the glow of the foggy morning, so I photographed some blooms on the red maple tree to see if they had enough color to be interesting.

red maple tree bud and spider webs covered in dew

I did increase the saturation on this one to bring out the color in the bloom.

These daffodils were a welcome, cheery pop of color in the yard this morning.  Spring is in the air!

bright yellow daffodils covered in dew in front of a stone fire pit

My daughter asked where I took this photo because she didn’t recognize the area. Can you tell what is in the background behind these spring flowers?

The assignment also mentioned using pastel colors, so I lined up our chicken eggs to compare the colors.

white, tan, brown, blue, and green chicken eggs lined up across a plate


8 thoughts on “Photography 101: A Pop of Color

    • Yes. 🙂 Leghorn mix (your typical white-feathered egg-layer) for white eggs, Buff Orpington (fat, yellow hens) for the cream ones, Easter Egger (smaller hens with puffy cheek feathers) for the pale blue eggs, Blue Cochin (super fluffy with feathered feet), and several different mixes for the other colors. It’s amazing how many types of chickens there are. There are breeds that lay very dark brown eggs or pale pink eggs, too.


      • Smaaak says:

        I’d be really interested were you to blog about your fascinating hens and their eggs and take pictures of them. I didn’t know there were blue eggs, I’d think they were dyed !

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      • I’d be happy to! My daughter and I have become chicken fanatics over the last four years. Each hen has her own personality and is fun to watch. We have a bench in the chicken yard, so in the summer we can sit in the shade and watch their antics.

        In a couple of weeks when the Photography 101 class is over, I’ll have more time to write a chicken blog post, and I’ll probably be itching for an excuse to take photographs, too. Thanks for the idea. 🙂


      • Smaaak says:

        Jamie Oliver the British celebrity chef kept saying for us to go organic chicken because they taste better and also more humanely treated. So when you have a lifestyle that can watch the chicken in the chicken yard, I find it very fascinating. I never knew chicken and eggs were not ‘organic’. Better to not know the industrial standards I guess. …
        A Chicken Blog, that sounds like an absolutely fun idea too !

        Liked by 1 person

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