Photography 101: Mystery

Day 10:  The theme for today is “Mystery” and the goal is to create an intriguing photo by creatively using light and shadow.

Well, it’s technically day ten for Photography 101, though I haven’t gone to sleep yet from day nine.  I’ll just publish this before I go to bed and take Friday off.  (That is, if I can pry my fingers off the camera all day!  ha ha  Photography is addictive!)

I participated in a family photo shoot this morning organized by my mother.  She had seen tens of thousands of white geese covering multiple fields as my parents were driving the previous day.  Since she did not have her camera at the time, she took us back to see if the geese were still there.  Only a few remained, but we had several other great photo ops along the way.

The sun did not show its face today to help me with this theme, but the following are some shots I did on our trip before the rain set in:

This photo of a gravel road has a little mystery to me–Why the strange viewpoint?  Where is this place?  Where does this road lead?

gravel road in the country, viewed from ground level

Where will this road take us?

Some of these photos were tweaked using a photo editor.  I bet you can tell which ones:


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