Photography 101: Warmth

Day 9:  Here’s what I see when I look at the assignment: “Today, capture an image of warmth, using the sun as your source.”  The focus today is to consider how the direction and quality of light affects the outcome of a photo.

Ok…well, yesterday was the first time I’d seen the sun in a while, and today it has disappeared again…So, today calls for a slightly different take on this theme, unless I were to dig through old photos like last time.

These cyclamen flowers are a fiery red color.  More than alluding to the warmth of fire, however is the warmth of love I feel when I look at them.  My husband gave me this pot of flowers two years ago for Valentines Day, and it reminds me of the love he shows to me every day.

red cyclamen flowers blooming in a small pot on a shelf by a window

There’s a time each year when this little plant looks so sick I almost throw it out, but I have learned through patiently caring for it that it merely goes through a distinct annual cycle.

  • In the late summer, the beautiful blooms I enjoy every day in my kitchen window will suddenly wilt and fade.  If the fading flowers are not quickly removed, the flower stems become soft and slimy (disgusting!).  The first time this happened, I thought I had somehow killed the poor plant.
  • Several huge leaves grow a few at a time and hang down from the bare-looking plant, and then it sits there drooping in the half-empty pot.
  • After three or four months of looking tired and ill, the conditions of daylight and/or temperature become suitable again in early winter and this flower explodes with colorful new growth to begin the cycle again.

In today’s photo, the plant is growing its second flush of blooms for 2015.  Each bloom lasts for many weeks.  You can see the color difference between the older and newer flowers.  The large leaves on the bottom grew this past winter; all leaves that grow while the plant is blooming remain much smaller.

As you can see, while the leaves spread out fairly evenly, the blooms desperately seek out the light from my small kitchen window.

Hmmm…seeking light and warmth–there’s another allusion to today’s theme.


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