Photography 101: The Natural World

Day 8:  Today we were guided to explore “the natural world” and to try to find “leading lines” that tend to guide the viewer’s eyes to different parts of the photo.

Nature and the outdoors are some of my passions.  My husband finds it odd, but I can relax best while working the hours away in our garden or tramping through the woods.

Having taken many nature photos over the years, I decided to look through old pictures on my computer for this assignment.

a rainbow spreading over tree tops with bright clouds on one side

Would it be considered cheating on today’s assignment to use a photo taken…last May…by my daughter? Lol  It definitely has a leading line and follows the rule of thirds, though!  (The dark “blob” in the tree is a squirrel nest, in case you were wondering.)

gulls fly over a girl on grass near a beach on a sunny day


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