Photography 101: Big

Day 7:  A simple theme was presented for today:  “Big.”  The tip to keep in mind for this assignment was to change your point of view to capture a photo from an unusual or interesting angle (“point of view”).

Ok…”big” is a pretty basic idea.  Where could I go with this one?  Hmmm…my first random thoughts on this topic include:

  • Big things like elephants, but I dont’ have one of those handy (ha ha).
  • Big ideas or important inventions.  I might be able to work with that.
  • Sayings like “You’re actin’ too big for your britches.”  That sounds like an old country saying to me.  I can picture a miffed little boy in overalls stubbornly puffing his chest out in defiance.

I’ll have look around and think about this idea for a while to see if I can gain some inspiration.  Big is a relative term, so maybe I can find an unexpected way to express the idea…

~~~~~{Several hours later}~~~~~

…Eureka! I found my inspiration.  First of all, I’m getting obsessed with macro shooting of eyes and other objects.  I was shooting flowers at the base of the largest tree in our yard, trying to capture the details of the lichen and leaves.


As I was working my way around the tree trunk shooting macro shots, I looked up and thought “Wow, this tree has really grown since we moved here.  It looks so…big!”  So, I flipped the camera skyward and took these shots:

looking up from the base of a large silver maple tree with bark in focus

Using the Aperture Priority setting, I auto focused on the nearby bark before taking the photo.

looking up from the base of a large silver maple tree with branches in focus

Look how different the lighting is on the same setting, when I let the camera auto focus where it wanted to. The small tree branches show up in this photo.

Here’s another representation of “big:” my oldest, largest hen:

close-up face shot of an Australorp hen with background frosted

This photo was edited with a couple of effects to reduce the distracting background.



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