Photography 101: Solitude

Day 5:  The theme for the today is “Solitude” and the focus is on using the “rule of thirds” to place the main subject in your photo (the basic idea being to place the focal point of your photo off-center).

While taking photos yesterday, I was struck by how vast the untouched fields of snow appeared from certain angles.  As I pondered today’s theme, I began to think of the solitude I would feel if I were wandering in a snowy, frozen land.

a woman's shadow on the snowy ground

Again, I used the “Snow” camera setting for this shot. It was quite a challenge to keep the camera from showing in the shadow and to hold the lens cover and camera strap out of the way.  A couple who were walking their dog down the road stared at me like I was nuts as I posed in the middle of my yard with no coat on.  Lol

My goal with this photo was to give the feeling that the figure is looking off into the sun or calling out into the distance, as if she is seeking human contact to escape her solitude.

How did you interpret this photo when you first saw it?  Please let me know what you thought, even if it’s negative.  I’m in Photography 101 to learn, and some of you have much more photography skill and experience than I do.  I can handle constructive criticism, so speak your mind!


8 thoughts on “Photography 101: Solitude

  1. I have had many strange looks as I take photographs, especially when I am lying on the floor to get the angle I want. I think you have done well to portray the concept you wanted. Was this shot on snow?

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