Enjoying Photography 101 on WordPress

Wordpress "Blogging University--Photo 101" symbolPhotography is a growing interest of mine, though I have not made time to pursue it–until now, that is! I am participating in the March installment of Photography 101. Due to a technical glitch, I just joined today. So, this post is my attempt to catch up on the assignments.

Day 1: The initial theme was “Home” and what it means to me.  The first words that came into my mind were “family” and “love.”  Then my mind flowed to the trite old saying “Home is where the heart is.”  Attempting to capture these ideas into one image, I chose to photograph the heart of someone I love with hands forming a love/heart symbol.

Here is the original photo: photo of a girl's hands in front of her chest making a heart symbol After taking this photo, I got on my computer to see how I could improve my work and decided to try something new…

Wow, oh, wow!  I am thrilled with!  Several places on WordPress have mentioned how great this free photo editing site is, and I agree 100%!  The options seem endless to me and make my old Printshop program seem pitiful.  (The “Printshop Deluxe 15” software I use would be considered ancient technology by today’s standards because I got it over ten years ago.)

Here are the edited versions:

I had great fun playing with this photo!  Which of the three versions do you think looks the best?


Day 2:  The theme for the second day was “Street” and the focus was on taking a wide-angled shot.

I’ve decided to pass this one up for the moment since it’s pouring outside, which makes it easier to work on the theme for day three…


Day 3:  Today’s theme is “Water,” and the recommendation was to consider whether to orient your camera horizontally or vertically for different shots.

Braving the cold, I got down on my knees in our carport to photograph the puddles across our concrete driveway.  I set my Power Shot Canon camera to the “sports” setting in hopes of more clearly capturing the splashes from the falling rain and sleet.

I would point the camera closer to me on the concrete and press the shutter halfway down so that the camera would focus on the puddle I wanted.  Then, while continuing to hold the button, I would tip the camera up to include more background colors and depth.  Sometimes I set the camera right on the concrete, and other times I balanced it on my knee to keep it steadier.

(You are impressed with my high-tech methods, right? ha ha  As I indicated at the beginning of this post, I’m new to photography, so these are the best skills I have right now.)

The splash near the center of this photo reminds me of fireworks: raindrop hitting a puddle makes a splash that looks like fireworks The shape of the big splash in this photo reminds me of a wooden roller coaster:

raindrops and sleet splashing into a puddle on a concrete driveway

This photo has a large splash I like, and the sleet is becoming more visible in the air:

raindrops and sleet splashing into a puddle on a concrete driveway

I like the darker areas at the top and bottom of this photo.  This happened when I tipped the camera high enough to include the neighbors’ bushes across the street:

raindrops and sleet splashing into a puddle on a concrete driveway

I took a few photos in the ditch that were interesting.  One of them looked like bulrushes near a river–you would never have known it was a two-foot-wide ditch.  I decided not to display it here because the quality was poor.

Any time I zoomed past a power of 12X and the digital zoom kicked in, the photos were grainy.  Could any of you tell me why?  Is it because of the close focal point (about ten feet away) or maybe the lighting?

Here’s the best I could do with the regular zoom.  It would have been much more impressive if I had been closer, but I didn’t want to fight the rain and sleet:

When I zoomed in closer on this ditch of water, it looked like a river.

My hubby wanted me to include this photo, which is a reflection of trees in a puddle that was flowing toward me in the carport.  He asked me how I created the foggy effect around the edges, but it is simply the out-of-focus concrete surrounding the puddle.

close up of tree reflections in a puddle on a concrete driveway

Here’s a wider shot of the puddle to show you the context of the previous photo:

tree reflections in a puddle on a concrete driveway

Thank you for viewing my photos!  Which ones do you think came out the best?  I’d appreciate any constructive criticism you can offer because I’m eager to learn!


15 thoughts on “Enjoying Photography 101 on WordPress

    • Thanks! I did get a little carried away with this assignment. I took far too many photos after discovering the setting on my camera that lets me take multiple pictures by holding down the shutter button. ha ha There are no puddles to photograph now–we are becoming buried in sleet and ice!


  1. I think you are doing well. Liked the hands as a heart with home in the middle. Actuallly liked the ditch with the water. Also liked most of the water pictures where the rain was bouncing off the driveway. Keep up the good work. Will have to try

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve done a lot today to catch up. I like the first photos you list for water, drops on your finger; and the photo with Home in the heart shape. I think the orientation works well. Look forward to tomorrow’s post.

    Liked by 1 person

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