Dirty Dishes

Do you have a chore that you tend to put off until the last minute, the chore you can’t stand to do?  A friend of mine despises sorting socks.  She said it drives her so crazy that she refuses to do it.  When anyone in her home wants to keep their feet cozy and warm, they have to dig through a laundry basket filled with the whole family’s clean socks.

colorful, clean socks

One of the most distasteful chores to me is cleaning dirty dishes.  I guess it’s the never-ending nature of it that gets to me.  After stepping away from a sparkling clean kitchen, I’ll turn around to get a drink of water or something, and *POOF* another dirty dish has sneaked into the sink (or appeared on the counter, coffee table, TV tray, or a few other odd places).

clean dishes and cooking utensils

Many years ago, a magazine I was reading contained a poem about being thankful for dirty dishes.  In hopes of improving my attitude, I made a small poster of the poem and hung it on the cabinet beside the kitchen sink.  When feeling particularly cranky about having to scour food-encrusted plates–again–I would read it out loud while scrubbing the dishes.

Having a dishwasher helps tremendously these days.  I still tend to procrastinate on doing dishes, but my attitude is better after years of reading this poem:

poem about thanking God for dirty dishes


16 thoughts on “Dirty Dishes

  1. I love this poem and will be printing and posting at my sink because I too despise dishes. And like your friend, socks are my nemesis. I can’t wait for sandal weather when I can hide our big basket of family socks at the back of the closet.

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    • Funny–thanks for your comment. A little tip on using the poem: make yourself smile really big and read it out loud when you’re in a bad mood about doing dishes. If you’re like me, you’ll end up getting tickled at yourself and start laughing. It helps to pray about things you are thankful for while you scrub, too! 🙂


  2. First time visiting your blog and I really like it.

    Love the poem about the dirty dishes, I always struggle to find motivation to tackle them… I’ll go and wash up the ones sat there right now after this, or very soon anyway.

    Sorting socks was something I used to struggle with but we solved that one by playing the ‘sock monster’ game. When there are too many to sort (which often happens a lot) my 9 year old daughter likes to help me. We sit on the bed with the socks laid out in a pile on top of the bed we then start sorting them. Whoever has the most pairs at the end wins. I’m hoping my younger two will join in on day but no pressure as long as the socks get sorted one way or another. We have also been known to have ‘odd sock week’ as well as a last resort.

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    • Thanks so much for your nice comment! It’s great when you can get kids excited about “games” like that. Having fun AND getting chores done–bravo! My daughter is getting old enough that those games usually don’t work anymore. ha ha

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