Bouncing Back

This post gives an excellent illustration of the ups and downs of life. I can empathize with dizzylizzie72’s point of view, as I am currently “bouncing back from tragedy and grief” that rocked my world a year ago. With the Good Lord’s help, we can overcome anything.

Life - Happiness & Joy


Life can be just drifting along and all is right with the world.  Then in an instant your world falls apart and everything comes crashing down.  My world did that over two years ago.  I began to care for my brother with dementia and my husband almost died during the same period of time.  The grief and stress were overwhelming for me.  I tried my best to be strong and handle everything.  When I was alone at night it almost became more than I could deal with after a long day at the hospital.

We are growing this large stand of cane in our yard.  When the snow and ice hit this cane it slowly sinks until it lies on the ground.  You can see that from the picture above.  You think, to yourself, this cane will break, it will never recover, it can’t possibly stand tall again. Then the…

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