Links to Joy: Sunshine

Is your day feeling full of darkness and misery?  Seek the light–literally!

There’s a song written and performed by John Denver in the early 1970s that says “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.”  The song pops into my mind now and then when I’m outside soaking in the warm rays of the sun.  Once, a video clip of the song came on TV in front of a certain young family member of mine, who now groans and scoffs any time I sing it.  No offense intended, but I admit there is something goofy about the song that makes me laugh.  The sentiment rings true, though:  the sun affects us in many beneficial ways.

Physically, a little sunshine can strengthen our bodies, feed the plants we need to survive (Eaten anything lately?  One way or another, that food originated from a plant), and kill germs on surfaces.

Mentally, sunshine can wake us up, reduce stress, and help us feel more cheerful.

Multiple times when I have caught the latest bug floating around, a strong urge has hit me to spread a blanket on the grass in the backyard, grab a book, and lie in the sun.  The warmth relaxes me and eases aching bones and a stuffy head, at least until ants discover me and start nipping.  Ouch!  (Those things are everywhere around here.  I think if it were possible to scoop up the top layer of my backyard and weigh it, the ants would outweigh the dirt!)

I encourage you to get outside and soak in a few minutes of those healing rays every day (far away from any ant hills).  Too cold this time of year, you say?  Try grabbing a blanket and curling up by a window in a sunbeam.  Close your eyes, turn your face toward the sunlight, and concentrate on slow, deep breathing and relaxing the muscles in your body.  Aaahh…wonderful!

photo by gr33n3gg

photo by gr33n3gg

Before you fall asleep in that sunbeam, I’d love to hear about what you are most thankful for today.  Please stop by the page called “Reasons to Smile” and share your comments about what makes you smile!


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