Moments of Joy: January 2015

The first month of 2015–also the first month of my acquaintance with the art of blogging—is drawing to a close.  Things may feel differently for you, but for me the days spin by so fast I can hardly keep up.  I thought in order to help appreciate my blessings more, I would look back when each month ends, think of some of the happy/funny moments I’ve experienced, and share one with you.  You may get a chuckle out of this laughter-filled moment from January:

photo by alexkerhead

photo by alexkerhead

My daughter and I are going to exercise while listening to music on our stereo system.  We don some workout clothes, turn on the ceiling fan to whisk away the anticipated droplets of sweat, and grab the stereo remote to tune in to a radio station.

For years I had been mildly curious how high the stereo volume could go, but never turned it up too high for fear of blowing out the speakers.  When listening to a radio station, I would turn the dial until the stereo displayed around “22” or so if I wanted to really rock the house and hear the music well from other rooms.  A couple of days earlier, my mp3 player had finally helped satisfy my curiosity.  I had used a cord to attach my mp3 player to the stereo and could hardly hear what was playing.  I wanted to listen to it while I cleaned the kitchen, so I kept cranking up the dial until it stopped at “50,” which was barely loud enough to hear over the clanking of dirty dishes.

So, here we are a couple of days after that, ready to tone up and dance off some flab.  I push the power button on the remote and hear nothing.  “Oh,” I absently think, “it’s still set on ‘music port.’  Where’s the button for the radio tuner…there it is.”  A split second later, an eardrum-bursting blast of sound sends us both reeling!  My daughter screams in terror, or so she told me later (though she was right behind me, I didn’t hear her), as I see her fists shaking rapidly above her head.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see our bewildered dog running around the living room in crazy figure-8’s with her tail scooped under her belly.

My arm draws up in front of my face as I frantically punch on the remote control to try to turn down the volume.  “Why do the numbers change so slowly?!” (Later, as I nurse my cramping arm, I realize it would have been much smarter to simply switch it to the music port setting again to silence it before turning the volume down.)

After recovering from shock, my daughter and I collapse on the floor laughing for several minutes.  (You know that rapid, uncontrolled, almost maniacal-sounding laughter?  Yeah, that’s the sound we’re emitting.)

We debate with the idea that maybe our hearts have had enough of a workout for today, but decide to begin our dance exercise after all.  Our dog humbly curls up in the corner to recover and watch our antics.

Note to self—always turn the volume back down before shutting off the stereo.


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