While exploring the vast world of wordpress blogs, I left the following comment on a site:

“It can be hard in this world to find a TRUE life-long friend who will stand by you no matter what. One friend like that is worth twenty fair-weather or casual friendships. You can consider yourself blessed even if your circle of friends is small.”

Later, this notification popped up on my computer:

story teller says:

Thank you! 🙂
Now this makes me feel really grateful! 🙂
I will give them a call today and tell them that I love them! :)”

That’s not what I expected to see in response to my comment; but it was a great reply, in my opinion.  It seems to me that we allow too many problems to arise from poor communication, which can stem from things such as pride, neglect, or fear.  For example:

  • Miscommunication:  There is a misunderstanding or disagreement, so people stomp away angry rather than trying first to clarify what was said.  Why do people sometimes act like it’s more important to be right than to be friends?  Does it have to be that way?  After putting extra effort into understanding another person’s point of view, people occasionally find out that they were trying to say the same thing and had no reason to be upset at all.  In some cases a little compromising will solve the issue.  Other times more thought or study on the topic will settle the disagreement.
  • No communication:  A person feels isolated and lonely in a crowd because even though people nearby appreciate and care for the lonely person, they never take the time to tell them so.  Isn’t there at least one thing to appreciate in any person?  Why not encourage the person by letting them know?  Also, there are times when people are suffering because a person who could help alleviate the problem will not speak up for what is right.  When is this acceptable?

Who has made a positive impact on you?  Whom do you care about?  Make sure you tell them as soon as possible (and as often as possible, too).  Wouldn’t life be more pleasant if everyone felt noticed, appreciated, and loved?  One thoughtful word or deed usually leads to another, so go start the ball (of kindness) rolling today!


5 thoughts on “Communication

  1. People talk about how priorities shift in life and friends are forgotten…I agree and disagree with that because you are your first priority, any day additionally, everyone is so busy in their lives that it becomes difficult to keep track.

    I would any day prefer a random out of the blue telephone conversation or meeting some one over mundane daily or frequent texts…further it depends on what kind of friends you have too..some of my not so close friends take offence when I don’t talk to them but with the close ones, it is like picking up where we last left the conversation 🙂

    That is how friends are to be, no expectations, just good and pleasant feelings and support 🙂

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