Links to Joy: Food and Clothing

“But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content.”  (1 Timothy 6:8)

Food and clothing?  Is that all that’s required for me to be content at this moment?  What about shelter?  I HAVE to have that, right?  And I need a steady job to earn money to pay for that shelter and to support myself and my family, so that means I’ll require a car or something to get me there, too.  But then, I’ll be tired and stressed from work, so I need some way to unwind when I come home–a big-screen t.v. should help with that–and I must have a comfy recliner to sit in while I watch and a cozy bed to craw into afterward with a fluffy pillow and warm blankets.  Of course, there’s the electric bill to pay, and the water and gas bills, so I’ll need to make plenty of money at my job and put it in a bank account.  Hmmm…food and clothing is all I NEED…really?

photo by Michael Stern

photo by Michael Stern

I can truly say that I’ve loved food my entire life and have never gone a day without it (except by choice).  Thankfully, I have never gone a day without clean water to drink, either.  Since I was a small child, people have teased me about my love of food and the large volumes I have been able to consume.

Ahh, how I miss my teenage days when a high metabolism allowed me to eat whatever I wished!  One of my favorite things in college was the Saturday morning brunch buffet at the cafeteria.  I can close my eyes and still picture my friends staring at me in amazement one particular morning when I consumed thousands of calories in one sitting:  biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, fruit, scrambled eggs, cereal, a waffle, orange juice, milk, and possibly a few other things I can’t remember.  Yes, that was enjoyable!  If I ate like that now, someone would have to roll my round body wherever I wanted to go, so I can no longer enjoy those large meals.  But, I can definitely agree with the idea of food generating contentment.

photo by Dennis Yang

photo by Dennis Yang

Thankfully, I have also never gone without plenty of clothing.  Thinking back to my college days again, I remember my mother used to say I only came home on the weekends to bring her mountains of laundry to wash.  I may not have always had new or expensive clothing, but I never had to wear torn rags, either.  I think a nice, warm coat in the winter can easily amplify my feelings of contentment.

Once, I read some comments from a man who had spent years of his life as a prisoner of war.  His captors had confined him in a small cell with barely enough food and water to survive.  He talked of how he had communicated with other prisoners, how they had encouraged each other, how they had collectively kept their hopes alive that they would one day be able to return to their homes.  He said there were days in that prison camp that he was happy…genuinely HAPPY!

Do you think you could be happy with merely food and clothing, if other physical blessings eluded your grasp?  I guess we could not truly know unless we were put into that situation.

Before you go, I’d love to hear about what is bringing you happiness today.  Please stop by the page called “Reasons to Smile” and comment about the things you are thankful for!


2 thoughts on “Links to Joy: Food and Clothing

  1. I truly enjoyed this post. I suppose we all love food, we all overeat. We all have too many clothes, too many things and we always want more. It makes you feel guilty to be so blessed, when you know there are those in life who have so little, or perhaps they have nothing at all. Good job.

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